Brookings Institution Hosts 4th Annual US-Islamic World Forum

February 27, 2006

Source: Muslim Public Affairs Council Press Release

On February 27, 2006 a Muslim Public Affairs Council Press Release reported, "The Brookings Institution, a major think tank based in Washington, DC, embarked on a major initiative for global dialogue earlier this month by assembling government officials, political activists and leading thinkers in the political, religious, science, and cultural arenas during its fourth annual 'U.S.-Islamic World Forum'. Set against the backdrop of the Hamas election victory and massive riots sparked by the Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, prominent leaders who gathered in Doha, Qatar, pledged to form a working group intended to address the unique challenges faced by Muslim minority populations. Under the theme of 'Leaders Effect Change', the annual conference seeks to examine how the United States can reconcile its need to eliminate terrorism and reduce the appeal of extremist movements with its need to build more positive relations with Muslim states and communities. Among those to address the conference were U.S. Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy Karen Hughes and several Gulf officials, who discussed repercussions of international events for the future of U.S.-Muslim world relations. Eager for interaction with and between the speakers, the 200 conference attendees shared ideas for addressing current challenges in numerous seminars exploring profound questions that the terrorist attacks of September 11th have raised for U.S. policy."