Bronx Muslims Worry About Backlash After London Bombings

July 11, 2005

Source: NY1

On July 11, 2005 NY1 reported, "Muslim children from the Baitul Aman Islamic Center enjoyed Monday’s sunny weather, but adults from the center know this is a dangerous time after the subway and bus bombings in London.

'We are very nervous. Every time we walk around in the street with Muslim dress, those people look at us like we are terrorists,' says Muslim Jami Chowdhury.

There has been violence and arson attacks against mosques in London and others cities around England in revenge for the terrorist bombings. That’s disturbing news for Muslims here... The Baitul Aman Islamic Center had its windows broken last year. Now, security gates and cameras have been placed on the building.

Muslims are fearful it could happen again, but they say they won't be forced out."