British Columbia Assembly Recognizes Five Kakars

March 20, 2006

Source: SikhNet!OpenDocument

On March 20, 2006 SikhNet reported, "After unanimous decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in recognizing the wearing of Kirpan by the Sikh students in educational institutions throughout the country, British Columbia has become the second province in Canada to recognize Vaisakhi and the Five articles of Sikh Faith in a row. The Province of Manitoba was the first province in Canada to grant such recognition to the Five Kakars of the Sikhs on July 13, 1999. This motion is already underway in the province of Ontario. The motion #49 for recognition of Vaisakhi and the five Sikh Kakars was tabled by Jagrup Singh Brar NDP MLA in the Assembly of British Columbia. The purpose of this motion is to recognize and reaffirm the values of multiculturalism, human rights, equality, racial and religious tolerance in B.C especially the recognition of Vaisakhi and Articles of Sikh Faith."