Britain’s First Atheist Summer Camp Gets a Big Following

July 30, 2009

Author: Simon de Bruxelles

Source: The Times Online

Rain drums down on the roof of the marquee where the 24 children attending Camp Quest are listening to a talk on astronomy. The fates appear to have conspired against what is being described as Britain’s first atheist summer camp, but its organiser, Samantha Stein, insists: “We’d like the rain to stop but, no, we aren’t going to pray for it.”

This soggy field at a Somerset activity centre is attracting a lot of attention as the site of Britain’s first overtly non-religious summer camp. Cameramen trip over lighting equipment and a Danish journalist insists on asking deep philosophical questions.

In the midst of it all the intended audience of children, aged 7 to 15, are being taught the difference between astrology and astronomy. There are no prayers or religious services and even the camp fire songs have been vetted for covert references to a deity.