Bridgeview Mosque Hosts Visit with Freshman Congressman

August 26, 2005

Source: Daily Southtown

On August 26, 2005 the Daily Southtown reported, "Nearly nine months after he was sworn in as a congressman to replace his father in the 3rd District, Dan Lipinski paid his first visit to the Bridgeview home of the Mosque Foundation. His hosts were pleased he came so soon. William Lipinski waited more than 10 years before paying a visit, the foundation's president, Mohammed Sahloul, jabbed lightly... 'Your father actually was a very strong voice in Washington,' [said Sahloul to Lipinski.] 'But at the same time, his voting record regarding Muslim issues and Arabic issues (was) terrible.' Lipinski said his door was open but conversation wouldn't necessarily change his votes... Toward the end of the visit, Sahloul suggested Lipinski hire a Muslim staff member or intern, and that he hold a town hall meeting addressing Muslim concerns."