Break-In at Maryland Islamic Office

March 23, 2004

Source: The Sentinel

On March 23, 2004 The Sentinel reported, "The offices at the Prince George's Muslim Association were recently broken into, with files and papers strewn throughout its administrative office, yet the board of directors did not press the issue with law enforcement or the media, out of fear of further anti-Islam discrimination. The board of directors would not elaborate on the nature of the break-in, and would not comment on whether they believed it was a hate crime, or the work of a government agency looking for possible terrorist links... The Prince George's Muslim Association, which in essence is a community center with an array of social functions, caters to both foreign-born and American-born people of the Islamic faith. The central pillar of the association, however, is the An-Nur Academy, which is a pre-kindergarten to third grade school providing both Islamic and academic education for Muslim children. The charter of the pre-school notes that children of Islamic faith are a 'first priority and they should be given every possible opportunity to develop into pious and productive Muslims.'"