Bravery of Interfaith Leaders Gives Abducted Chance at Life

December 13, 2007

Author: Judy Gerstel

Source: The Star

Every year Father John Fraser, the Canadian Catholic priest whose family in Toronto's Beach help to support his mission and his radio station in Uganda, organizes a Christmas party for the Aboke girls.

At the party are the 16 girls who returned to the Aboke convent school after years in sexual slavery. Also in attendance are some of the more than 100 others also abducted but almost immediately freed at the insistence of a nun at the school who followed them into the bush.

"They tell stories, do imitations of their teachers, we have little presents, biscuits, Coke and things," says Fraser. "We don't go into the abduction too much."

Says Ottawa author Kathy Cook, who tells the story of the Aboke Girls in Stolen Angels, "The fact of these girls surviving intact as beautiful, loving human beings, it's humbling. And the interfaith leaders, Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, so heroic and so willing to risk their lives and stay when they didn't have to ..."