Boyles Continued Trend of Anti-Muslim Rhetoric by Denver Clear Channel Hosts

May 30, 2007

Source: Colorado Media Matters

Summary: Peter Boyles of 630 KHOW-AM is the most recent Denver-based Clear Channel Communications host to engage in anti-Muslim rhetoric, telling a caller on his May 30 show that "the enemy" is "radical, crazy, religious Islam." Boyles also agreed with the caller's suggestions that the United States should bar "Islamic immigration" and that Islam should be declared "a political ideology."

During a discussion about "radical, crazy, religious Islam" on his May 30 broadcast, 630 KHOW-AM host Peter Boyles agreed with a caller's suggestion that the United States "need[s] to say, 'No more Islamic immigration.' " Boyles also agreed with the caller's assertion that "for our purposes" Islam should be declared "a political ideology." Boyles' statements represent the latest in a recent trend, documented by Colorado Media Matters, of conservative, Denver-based Clear Channel Communications Inc. radio hosts engaging in anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Challenging the caller's assertion that Islamic extremism derives from the Quran, Boyles asked the caller why "when the United States was locked in the Cold War in my lifetime, we didn't see" Islamic extremism. Boyles then compared Islam to communism, concluding that "from the time of the revolution, the Soviet revolution, communism is a religion. The comparison [between Islam and Soviet communism] is striking."