Boston Radio Hosts Says: "Let's Kill All Muslims:

April 23, 2004

Source: The Council on Arab-Islamic Relations

On April 23, 2004 The Council on Arab-Islamic Relations reported, "In its first 'Hate Hurts America' action alert, CAIR is calling for the termination of Jay Severin, a Boston-area radio talk show host, who allegedly said, 'Let’s kill all Muslims' in his Thursday afternoon program. WTKK-FM General Manager Matt Mills told CAIR that in a discussion about how Severin claims Muslims want to take over America, even if it takes centuries, Severin said, 'I’ve got an idea, let’s kill all Muslims.' While Mills said that he would speak to Severin to 'make sure it doesn’t happen again,' he did acknowledge that if Severin had said the same thing about African-Americans that he would no longer be on the air. 'I have spoken to Jay Severin and he knows we take this seriously and do not condone offensive remarks toward any religious groups and he will be apologizing on his show Monday afternoon,' Mills said in an email. 'He did not intend to offend anyone.'" CAIR Chairman Omar Ahmad demanded that Severin be taken off the air.