Boston Muslims Speak to Christian Community in Marion, MA

December 6, 2001

Source: The Boston Globe

On December 6, 2001, The Boston Globe reported that "Muslims from the Islamic Society of Boston traveled to St. Gabriel's Church [in Marion, MA] last week to talk about the differences and similarities between their faith and Christianity... The session was organized by St. Gabriel's and two other town congregations, the First Congregational Church and St. Rita's Roman Catholic Church, and supported by the other three churches in Marion: the Community Baptist, the South Coast Community, and Marion United Methodist... Since Sept. 11, the Islamic Society has been conducting sessions like the one at St. Gabriel's where the emphasis is on the beliefs shared by Islam and Christianity. Both religions believe in only one God, they said, in a judgment day when all will be resurrected from the dead, and in the concept of paradise or heaven." Other issues discussed included "anti-Muslim sentiment in the American media."