Boston Area Rabbi Is Also a Unitarian Minister

March 3, 2004

Source: The Baltimore Jewish Times

On March 3, 2004 The Baltimore Jewish Times reported, "This past Christmas, Rabbi Howard Berman found himself going where perhaps no rabbi has gone before: leading a processional to 'Come All Ye Faithful' at a Boston-area Christmas service. Berman led the processional at the Arlington Street Church not as a guest, but as part of his role as associate clergy at the Boston Unitarian Universalist Church. While Unitarian Universalists count Jews among their laity and clergy, Berman is believed to be the only rabbi — Reform or otherwise — whose pulpit is a church. It's a job he's had since this past fall. Five months ago, he led congregants through the Jewish holiday cycle of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot during weekly Sunday worship services. Then, when Christmas season rolled around, Berman found himself — for the first time in his 30-year rabbinic career — with a second busy season. Talking about his 'first Christmas' to his congregants at the Arlington Street Church in a recent Sunday sermon, Berman said, 'I had a vivid image of my grandparents rising up out of their graves and having a heart attack.'"