Books on Sikhism to be Included in Washington Area Public Libraries

January 15, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: SikhNet News!OpenDocument

A county adjacent to Washington has agreed to include books on Sikhs in its public libraries. Montgomery County officials agreed and accepted the books on Sikhs and Sikhism to include them in the library system to help disseminate information about the community. Guru Gobind Singh Foundation launched a new project of providing books to Montgomery County libraries. Joginder Singh, winner of “Outstanding Volunteer Award in Montgomery County Library “ made tireless efforts to initiate this project. With his assistance Director of Montgomery County Libraries, Ms. Parker Hamilton and Agency Manager Maria Padak Kari were invited to the Gurdwara during the Gurpurab celebrations to make announcement about this project. A plaque for Excellence in Community Service was presented to the Library Officials by GGSF.