A Book-Dealer Arrested In Arak Accused Of Being Baha’i

December 29, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: Iranian Press Watch


The following news report was posted in Persian on Peyke Iran and Pezchvake Iran online sites:

According to reports received at our office, a cultural activist in Arak by the name of Kamran Jamshidi, the manager of Shahr-Ketab bookstore in that town, was arrested nearly two weeks ago after an inspection of his store by the agents of Public Buildings Office. After 24 hours, he was transferred to the custody of the Ministry of Intelligence in the same city.

Through persistent efforts of his family and after approximately 10 days of illegal incarceration by the Intelligence Ministry, he was transferred to Arak’s general prison, though he continues to be in custody of the Intelligence office. It has been reported that during this entire two weeks, he remained incommunicado and no visitors were allowed to meet with him.

He is charged with spreading information about the Baha’i Faith.