Bomb Plot Against Denver Mosque

May 15, 1999

Source: The Denver Post

On May 15, 1999, The Denver Post reported that Jack M. Modig was charged with attempted first-degree arson of the Colorado Muslim Society's Islamic Center southeast of Denver. He was caught on the night of May 12th in front of the mosque in a car that had a "small arsenal of weapons, black clothing, tactical goggles, and writings indicating his hatred for Muslims and his desire to bomb the mosque." Some Muslims were hesitant to attend services on Friday, but others wanted to come to midday prayers in order to show that the mosque belonged to them. Emameudin Ghiasi, a member of the Center's board of directors, discussed implementing increased security measures with the board, though no decisions have been made. Ghiasi stated that "Muslims promote peace. We don't teach terrorism or how to bomb and blow up buildings. If he (Modig) knew any Muslims he wouldn't have any hatred in his heart for us." Modig is being held in Arapahoe County Jail.