Bloomberg Condemns Anti-Semitic and Anti-Christian Books in Muslim Private Schools

April 2, 2003

Source: Daily News

On April 2, 2003 the Daily News reported that New York mayor "Bloomberg condemned yesterday anti-Semitic and anti-Christian school books in use at a number of Muslim private schools in the city... 'Personally, I find it disgraceful,' Bloomberg said when asked about a Sunday Daily News story reporting the schools' use of the books in their Islamic studies programs... The mayor made his comments while appearing with local Jewish leaders at 1 Police Plaza to discuss public safety concerns for the upcoming Passover holiday... The most popular book, What Is Islam All About, charges that many Jews and Christians lead 'decadent and immoral lives...' It is unclear how many schools use the books, but Muslim educators described them as among the most popular. New York has 15 state-registered Islamic private schools, with some 3,000 to 4,000 children."