Bioethics Workshop at Hindu University of America

November 10, 2006

Source: Hindu Press International/Hinduism Today

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, November 10, 2006: The Hindu University of America, in partnership with the University of Central Florida Philosophy department, the Ethics Center, The Women's Research Center and the Orlando Regional Health Care spiritual Care council held a successful Bioethics Workshop - Hindu and Buddhist Perspectives on November 3. Philosophers, scientists, ethicists, health care professionals, spiritual care advisors and scholars addressed and discussed questions on Hindu/Buddhist bioethics. The chair of the workshop, Prof. Subhas R. Tiwari of the Hindu University, noted in his opening remarks that the thrust of these initiatives is to bring a voice which is spiritually tempered to the discussion of bioethics. "Neither Bioethics, nor the conversation it engenders is new," remarked Prof. Tiwari. "Hinduism has a documented history of 5,000 years of bioethics practice as evidenced in the ancient system of Indian medicine, called Ayurveda, and its philosophy. Buddhism, much later, also evolved its own unique approach based on its philosophy of mindful awareness and compassion," commented Prof. Tiwari. The Hindu University believes that bringing these unique voices to the discussion serves to guide and infuse a more balanced approach which can influence and shape how bioethics behaves at the global level. For additional information on the workshop contact Professor Subhas R. Tiwari at source.