Bill Planned to End Caste Discrimination At Temples

January 10, 2009

Author: M. Ashraf

Source: Arab News

Kerala’s government is preparing to move a bill in the assembly ending caste discrimination at hundreds of Hindu temples in the southern state.

The draft bill prepared by Kerala Law Reforms Commission headed by eminent jurist Justice VR Krishna Iyer also wants to establish a course of study and lifestyle of sacerdotal sanctity geared to training persons for performing “pujas” and other holy functions in all Hindu places of worship and hallowed shrines.

Priests will appointed from successful Hindu trainees irrespective of caste differences. The Act allows access to persons regardless of their faith to all places of worship belonging to different religions, “subject to solemn obligations consistent with the dignity, decorum, reverence and submission to the sublime conditions prescribed by respective religious authorities”. The draft “Secular Norms for Administration of Places of Public Worship Act” says no person shall claim to be a Purohithan on the grounds of family heritage, succession or other consideration.