Bay Area Muslims Struggle With 9-11 Backlash

September 10, 2004

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle

On September 10, 2004 The San Francisco Chronicle reported, "many Bay Area Muslims -- especially those who 'look Muslim' -- complain of job discrimination or of being unfairly targeted by law enforcement. Some say they've changed their day-to-day habits, including how they dress and what they say in public, to avoid possible harassment. On the three-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Bay Area Muslims are conscious of the advances they've made as a community, but they also worry that some non-Muslims still see them as outsiders. Violence in the Middle East often leads to an increase in hostile actions against them... In the three years since Sept. 11, the Northern California office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has logged more than 50 cases of Muslims who say they've been threatened or harassed or discriminated against. In that same period, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's offices in San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland have received 95 work-discrimination complaints from Bay Area Muslims and Arabs. All 95 complaints fall under the category of '9/11 backlash,' the council reports."