Bay Area Muslims to Participate in Muslim Unity Day

September 14, 2005


On September 14, 2005 reported, "When he was 13 years old, Zain Ali's family came to the Bay Area from Fiji, a South Seas island slightly smaller than New Jersey, where Muslims such as the Alis were a minority. That was in the 1980s, when there were far fewer Muslims living in the Bay Area, a time when his family had to drive 40 miles to reach the nearest mosque. Today, the Bay Area Muslim population is approximately 300,000 strong... Ali and others who share his faith have organized the Sept. 25 Muslim Unity Day in Santa Clara. Open to the public, the first-time event is expected to bring together Muslims of all races and denominations for a day of play and socializing at Paramount's Great America... [Ali said,] 'With all the things happening in the world and the Muslim community being attacked specifically in the U.S., we said it's about time we came together to show the community at large... We live here, we pay our taxes. What better way than (going) to a theme park, it's all American. We're also going to organize a Hurricane Katrina relief campaign. We'll invite one of the disaster relief organizations (to attend). We'll be encouraging people who attend to please donate. The (public) is invited to participate and learn from us, any questions they have they can ask us.'"