Bay Area Mosques Host Open Houses During Ramadan

October 5, 2005

Source: The Argus

On October 5, 2005 The Argus reported, "Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, begins today. It is a time for Muslims to abstain from food, drink and other 'worldly pleasures' from dawn until dusk. But Ramadan also is a time for generosity and being a better father, mother, child and neighbor. And this year, mosques throughout the Bay Area are hoping their neighbors get to know them a little better. Next weekend, many mosques are holding open houses for non-Muslims to celebrate the iftar, the meal served during Ramadan at the end of each day after the sun sets to break the fast. Coordinated efforts by the Council on American-Islamic Relations and local mosques, the open houses and iftar dinners are part of an effort by Bay Area Muslims to educate others about their faith and dispel stereotypes... Safaa Ibrahim of CAIR said mosques traditionally hold open houses during Ramadan. But this year, local Islamic leaders are making an extra effort to reach out. 'It becomes, considering 9/11, really important to get to know the community,' she said."