Bay Area Mosque Leaders Pledge to Fight Terrorism, Teach Nonviolence

July 16, 2005

Source: American Muslim Voice/Oakland Tribune

On July 16, 2005 the Oakland Tribune reported, "Responding to fears of possible homegrown terrorists, Bay Area mosque leaders assured they will carefully monitor their communities and continue to promote nonviolence... 'Speaking as an Islamic leader, I will never tolerate amongst our people, in our mosques, in our schools, the indoctrination of hatred or killing,' [said Souleiman Ghali, president of the Islamic Society of San Francisco]... Four leaders from mosques across the Bay Area representing an estimated 2,000 members as well as a dozen other interfaith community leaders spoke Friday. Ameena Jandali of the national organization Islamic Networks Group estimates there are 30 mosques in the Bay Area and that approximately 200,000 Muslims live in the region. Recent details of the London bombers as young men, born and raised in England, have created mounting fear of possible terrorists in the United States. The London bombers are suspected to have been misled and encouraged by mentors. Muslim leaders said their role is to continue to promote nonviolence in their mosques."