Bay Area Hindus Perform Sanctifying Ritual for Additions to Temple

April 2, 2006

Source: The Daily Review

On April 2, 2006 The Daily Review reported, "On Saturday morning, behind the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center, a group of Hindu Brahmins perform sacred purifying rituals by lighting a sacrificial fire and placing objects such as fruit, honey and wood into it to ward off evil spirits. It is all part of a weekend ceremony to sanctify the new additions to the Hindu Temple, also known as the Vedic Dharma Samaj, on Delaware Drive off Blacow Road. Over four days, hundreds of Hindus, first- and second-generation Indo-Americans, gathered together to offer a series of poojas, or prayers, and bring blessings including 'Kumbaabhishekam,' a sacred ritual where deities are bathed with holy water. After purchasing the land from Seventh-day Adventists 26 years ago, temple leaders say they have worked hard to turn the church into a temple that fits and reflects the divine as conceived by Hindus in northern and southern India, said Arun Thakar, temple manager... Late Saturday evening, the temple planned to install a series of new holy images to aid people in prayer and meditation, officials said. Funds were solicited through the sponsoring of bricks, images and water held in holy 'Kalashas' silver containers by temple worshippers."