Baptists and Baha'is Discuss Faith

August 17, 2003

Source: American-Statesman

On August 17, 2003 the American-Statesman reported that "believers of different faiths, the Baha'is and Baptists have been meeting weekly this summer to make connections that overcome religious and racial barriers... [Rev. Ralph] Daniels gets to the heart of that challenge right away when he asks, 'What separates us when we have supposedly the love of God in us?' During the hourlong session, those gathered read from the Bible and the Baha'i holy book, ask questions and pray. Afterward, they eat enchiladas and cake in the church basement and talk, many with the ease of longtime friends... Two years ago, Daniels met Baha'is while working with Austin Clergy Committed to Racial Reconciliation and invited them to services at Zion Hill. Members of the two groups began forming friendships through children's activities."