Baptist Convention Speaker Denounces Islam

June 17, 2003

Source: Tennessean

On June 17, 2003 the Tennessean reported that "one year after the Rev. Jerry Vines generated a year's worth of controversy by calling the founder of Islam 'a demon-possessed pedophile,' Ergun Caner, a theology professor from Criswell College in Dallas, picked up where Vines left off... Caner, a Turkish immigrant who converted to Christianity as a child, spoke to pastors at the denomination's annual convention yesterday about his disdain for questions on why he switched religions... 'I didn't switch nothing,' he said. 'I got saved. I went from worshipping a false, dead idol to knowing the one true living sovereign Lord...' The pastors conference where Caner was speaking concluded last night with a 'Kingdom Family Rally...' Attendees were given cards at the rally so they could sign allegiance to the seven pillars of 'kingdom families': honoring God's authority; respecting human life; exercising moral purity; serving the church; using time wisely; practicing biblical stewardship; and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ."