Ban of Swastika Not in EU Holocaust Ban

January 30, 2007

Source: Expatica

Brussels (dpa) - Current European Union president Germany said that it was not planning to criminalize the display of Nazi insignia such as the swastika.

The move comes after Hindu groups throughout Europe protested against reported plans for such a ban, arguing that the swastika had been part of their religious symbols for nearly 5,000 years before the Nazis appropriated it.

Germany, which currently runs the agenda-setting EU presidency, wants to use its term at the bloc's helmet to push through new rules which would make denying the Holocaust a crime in the 27 EU member states.

However, the planned legislation "will not seek to prohibit specific symbols such as swastikas," the German EU presidency said in a statement.

Citing its "particular historic responsibility," Germany said it wanted the bloc's member states to adopt the proposed legislation as soon as possible.