Baha'is Protest "Cultural Cleansing" in Iran

October 10, 2004

Source: Helena Independent Record

On October 10, 2004 Helena Independent Record reported, "Since 1979, according to the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States, more than 200 Iranian Baha'is have been labeled heretics and killed. Thousands more have been imprisoned, denied access to work and turned away from higher education. The assembly compared Iran's extremist mullahs to the Taliban in Afghanistan. It was the Taliban, they point out, who destroyed several 5th century Buddhist sculptures at Bamiyan in an attempt to root that religion from Afghanistan's past. The international media turned a critical eye on the Taliban's desecration of that ancient history. However, little has been said about the mullahs' demolition of Iran's House of the Bab in Shiraz."