Baha'is Add Quilt to Faith Quilts Project Collection

March 6, 2006

Source: U.S. Baha'i News Service

On March 6, 2006 the U.S. Baha'i News Service reported, "'Power of Unity,' a quilt created and made by four Boston-area Baha'is under the auspices of the Boston-based Faith Quilts Project, will be on exhibit in April at the Boston Center for the Arts. Neophyte quilters Pari Anvar, Jaleh Khadem, Mojdeh Rouhani and Patricia Towfigh painstakingly worked on their project under the tutelage of renowned quilt artist Clara Wainwright, who founded the Faith Quilts Project as a way to bridge religious divides after the Sept. 11 tragedy. Wainwright also is a co-founder of First Night Boston, a New Year's Eve celebration of the arts and community that has spread throughout the country. The quilt's c reators -- Baha'is who come from Muslim, Jewish and Christian backgrounds -- designed it around their favorite writings and quotations from the Faith. Perhaps not so coincidentally, 'we all came up with the same two quotations (from Baha'u'llah),' said Ms. Khadem: '"We are all the leaves of one tree and the drops of one ocean" and "The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens."'"