Baha'i Members From Iran Closely Watching Election Protests

June 18, 2009

Author: Jane McCarthy

Source: KING 5 News

Iran is bracing for another day of mass protests in defiance of the country's leader. The clashes are in response to a disputed presidential election after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was re-elected.

Many people in Western Washington with ties to Iran and are closely watching the developments there. Some have fled persecution because of their religious beliefs. From here, they watch the clashes in a place where human rights are often ignored.

Todd Kutches is an officer of the Baha'i faith in Western Washington. Iran is the birthplace of the Baha'i religion.

"What's going on right now in Iran is what is happening in many countries. People looking for a greater voice and a greater sense of freedom," said Todd Kutches, Baha'i Auxiliary Board Member.

Many Baha'i members from Iran are watching the clashes with intense interest.