Baha'i Family From Iran Starts Over In Utica

October 26, 2009

Author: Angelica A. Morrison

Source: Utica Observer-Dispatch

When you’re a Baha'i in Iran, you’re considered a non-citizen, remembers Farshad Madhi, a refugee who moved to Utica with his parents and sister a little over five years ago.

&ldq uo;You can’t continue to higher education, you can’t work in the government,” the 25-year-old said. “They’re basically trying to wipe out the Baha’is in Iran.”

After years of suffering persecution for its religious faith, the family of four has found a new existence in Utica, relishing life in a society where their religion is accepted.

Madhi’s father works at ConMed Corp. His sister goes to Mohawk Valley Community College and works at Rite-Aid. And he is pursuing an undergraduate degree in physics and mechanical engineering at Clarkson University and expects to graduate in December. 

“I’m studying two majors at the same time, my GPA is 3.97 and I’m going for a PhD after this,” he said. “I’ve been through a lot in life, I’ve seen many difficulties, and I take nothing for granted.”