Baha'i Camp Tries to Teach Vocabulary Of Values

October 1, 2009

Author: Nancy Haught

Source: The Houston Chronicle/Religion News Service

In most places, camp songs concern five little frogs and a bear that went over the mountain. But at a camp here recently, 50 children belted out a lively ode to courage and integrity:

This (followed by an enthusiastic stomping of feet) is where I live.

This (stomping) is my community.

This is where I do my best,

With courage and integrity.

Sure, the song loses something without guitar and hand motions but, clearly, this is a different kind of camp.

Sponsored by Beaverton's Baha'i community and the New Thought Center for Spiritual Living, the four-day camp named and nurtured more than a dozen virtues, including compassion, patience, truthfulness and responsibility. The goal was for each child to learn the language of virtues, practice a few of them, and take home tools to become a better person.

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