Bahai Battle Intensifies in Egypt

December 20, 2006


In a landmark court case recently held in Egypt, Egyptian legal authorities banned the right of Bahais the right to state their religion on official documents. The supreme administrative court, which made the ruling, also described Bahais as "pro-Israeli apostates."

"The constitution promotes freedom of belief for the three recognized heavenly religions and they are Islam, Christianity, and Judaism," stated Judge Sayed Nofal according to the AFP. "As for the Bahais, Islamic jurists have all agreed that the Bahai faith is not one of the three recognized religions," he said.

"Those who belong to this religion are apostates of Islam, because the faith's principles contradict the Islamic religion and all other religions," he went on to add. The ruling has been condemned by rights groups worldwide.

The court ruled against the right of Hossam Ezzat Moussa and his wife, Rania Enayat, to state their religion on official documents. The couple belongs to a community of some 2,000 Bahais who currently reside in Egypt.