Award Winning Film About Sikh Widows to Screen at Smithsonian Exhibit

September 26, 2006

Source: SikhNet News

On September 26, 2006 the SikhNet News reported, "The Widow Colony an award winning documentary that takes an in-depth look into the lives of the widows whose husbands were killed in the anti-Sikh massacre of November, 1984 will be the first Sikh issue based feature film to be screened at the Smithsonian Museum’s Freer Gallery as a part of the DC Asia Pacific American Film Festival. The film, directed by Harpreet Kaur, explores these women’s suffering, battle for justice and struggle for survival in India.

'The Widow Colony – India’s Unsettled Settlement', borrows its name from a settlement in Tilak Vihar on the west-side of New Delhi that is commonly known as the Widow Colony or Vidhva Colony. Along with testimonies of the widows and images of the death and destruction that followed the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, the film conveys the intensity of the tragedy that occurred 21 years ago.

The film is provocative and scintillating in its effect but, its real genius lies in Harpreet’s ability to effectively convey the trauma that still haunts innumerable widows. Undeniably, in years of analysis and discussion that has surrounded this issue; the need for rehabilitation of the survivors has been forgotten. For the past 21 years, these women have been trapped in mourning and will only be able to move forward when the perpetrators are punished. Although over 4,000 Sikhs were killed in the capital city alone, the Government has yet to deliver any justice."