Austinite Anchored By Two Traditions: Judaism And Buddhism

September 26, 2009

Author: Eileen Flynn

Source: The Austin-American Statesman

Jordana Raiskin traveled from the Jewish faith of her father to Zen Buddhism and back, not an uncommon journey. There's such a well-worn path between Judaism and Buddhism, people came up with the shorthand Jew-Bu.

But Raiskin's story is not just another example of that phenomenon. It's a personal quest for meaning in the face of loss. A sorting out of a childhood colored by contradictory worldviews. A spiritual homecoming with a new appreciation for her roots. Raiskin sought – and found — community and ritual in two different traditions that had more in common than she thought. Today she draws on both to guide her life, to inform her work as a therapist and to mother her 3-year-old son.