Atheist 'Imagine No Religion' Billboard Goes Up In Alabama

June 25, 2009

Author: Trina Hoaks


A 14x48-foot billboard emblazoned with the John Lennonesque message, "Imagine No Religion," and a stained-glass window backdrop, went up this week for one month on I-20, near the Riverside exit en route to Talladega.

Drivers going to Talladega from Atlanta or Birmingham will pass the billboard, believed to be the first such freethought (atheist, agnostic) message ever placed in Alabama.

The colorful billboard went up just in time for the annual "Glorious 4th" celebration in rural Talledega sponsored by the Alabama Freethought Association this year on July 3-5. The event is held at a freethought "advance" (not retreat), which includes a lake, and air-conditioned auditorium and facilities. The event has attracted as many as 200 freethinkers from the South and all over the United States.

The billboard is part of a national educational campaign sponsored by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the nation's largest association of freethinkers (atheists and agnostics), which works to keep church and state separate. The state/church watchdog has 13,600 members, and the Alabama Freethought Society is an FFRF chapter.