Atheist Group Freedom From Religion Foundation to Meet In Seattle

November 4, 2009

Author: Janet I. Tu

Source: The Seattle Times

When some 600 atheists, agnostics and other nonreligious folks gather in Seattle starting Friday for a Freedom From Religion Foundation convention, there will be an emphatically nonprayer breakfast.

Not to mention hundreds of provocative bus ads, including one with Santa saying: "Yes, Virginia ... there is no God."

The ads may seem in-your-face to some. But the Wisconsin-based organization has never shied from controversy. It has filed lawsuits on state-church separation issues and sponsored "Imagine No Religion" and "Reason's Greetings" billboards in Seattle, Olympia and other cities.

Last winter, it put up an anti-religion sign in the state Capitol building that raised a furor, eventually involving FOX News personality Bill O'Reilly and prompting thousands of phone calls to the governor's office.