Asian Heritage Week: Queens Leader Helps Growing Sikh Community

May 28, 2008

Author: Ruschell Boone

Source: NY1

It's not uncommon to see Harpreet Singh Toor in the middle of community discussions in Richmond Hill. He's one of the visible leaders in the Sikh community and when there's a problem, many people turn to him.

"It could be their kids getting in trouble in school, or parent teacher meeting where the parents cannot communicate they need me to talk to the teacher," said Toor. "Sometimes I help with some domestic issues, including domestic violence issues, where we will sit down and talk about it and try to pacify the situation.

"It could be anything," he continued. "It could be someone saying, 'my family is in India. I want to bring them over here. What can I do?'"

Some local leaders estimate that there are 20,000 Sikhs living in Richmond Hill, although no one knows for sure.

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