Asian-Based Religions Establish Roots Across Pa.

November 29, 2006

Source: The Observer-Reporter

Wire Service: AP

YEAGERTOWN -- Laura Tate's new next-door neighbors wore bright robes and walked around in slippers outside. Inside, shoes had to come off. Bowls of fruit sat around a Buddha statue on a makeshift altar set in front of the curtained stage of an old auditorium.

A Buddhist monastery and temple was taking over a two-story 70-year-old brick-and-mortar building that once served as a high school.

"There had been a concern before they got the place," said Tate, who has lived in her house for 30 years. "We thought a little town like Yeagertown, what would they be doing here?"

An increase of Asian immigrants to the United States over the past couple of decades has also brought an influx of places of worship from denominations that have their roots half a world away.