Ashram Merges Architectures of Temple, Church and Mosque

August 18, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: The Hindu

With its structures reflecting a mixed architecture of a temple, church and a mosque, here is a unique ashram in the lush green landscape of this small town, showcasing secular values for its potential to attract people of all faiths.

The entrance of the ashram has a chapel built in the shape of a temple tower (gopuram) and a Cross on top of it. With Hindu architecture in front, it has mosque style structures inside, as well as a chapel.

It was built in 1933 by two missionaries, Dr Sourirayan Jesudasan and Dr Ernest Forrester Paton of the National Missionary Society, who were inspired by Gandhian philosophy.

During weekends, both Hindus and Christians visit the ashram and offer prayers. Bhajans and keertans alike are sung by the devout here.