Arson at New York Sikh Center, Gobind Sadan USA

December 10, 2001

Source: Beliefnet

In early December 2001, Ralph Singh, co-founder and spokesman for Gobind Sadan USA, wrote a piece for, "'God Must Really Be Here." He wrote about the arson, noting "Astonishingly, the Guru Granth Sahib survived, as did the Dasam Granth. As we eventually discovered, even the ruhmalas (holy cloths in which the scripture was wrapped) went unscathed. The fire marshal came out saying he had never seen anything like it in his life. With all that heat, there was no way that they should have survived. This miracle – for there is no other way to logically explain it - brings a message of hope to all people. ... This sign of hope has touched the hearts of whoever hears this message--God's holy word does indeed triumph over hatred and ignorance. Many people from the surrounding communities began calling, asking how they could help, wanting to help us rebuild."