Arson at New York Sikh Center, Gobind Sadan USA

November 27, 2001

Source: Gobind Sadan USA

On November 27, 2001, Baba Varsa Singh ("Babaji"), founder of Gobind Sadan, offered a "Message to America" about the suspected arson. "'Perhaps this is God's way of giving us the opportunity of bringing people of all faiths together to share in rebuilding this sacred house of God and making it an even more beautiful place.'" He offered thanks and cited the ways in which the community has offered assistance, including the efforts of local authorities, the offers of temporary space by local churches, and help from a local school which organized a fundraiser.

The web site also noted the responses to the arson: "When George Pataki, Governor of New York, heard about the devastation, he said, '...It is an offense that strikes at the very heart of the freedom that all Americans hold dear.' On seeing the burnt temple, Bob Hanson, executive director of the InterReligious Council, spoke these poignant words: 'We stand in awe of the power of God. We stand on sacred space that has been violated. We pray that this will not happen again to anyone, anywhere.'"