Arson at New York Sikh Center, Gobind Sadan USA

November 27, 2001

Source: The Oswego Palladium-Times

On November 27, 2001, The Oswego Palladium-Times reported that "a substantial reward is expected to be offered for information relating to a fire which struck a Sikh house of worship Nov. 18." The article continued, "They are also looking at the fire in the former farmhouse as a possible hate crime, a federal offense...Investigators say the fire in Palermo is suspicious because it follows two other apparent acts of vandalism at the site." The article quoted Ralph Singh, co-founder of Gobind Sadan USA: "'The irony of this whole thing is that Gobind Sadan stands as a beacon for peace and as a model for how people can overcome their differences and hatred.'" Area churches have extended offers to use their buildings for worship, and the InterReligious Council of Central New York organized a prayer service at the center as a show of support.