Arizona Interfaith Network Protests Radio Host's Comments About Shooting Immigrants

April 4, 2006

Source: The Arizona Republic

On April 4, 2006 The Arizona Republic reported, "A talk radio discussion about shooting immigrants as they crossed the border has outraged a Valley interfaith group, whose members on Monday called for a federal investigation into the remarks. Members of Arizona Interfaith Network gathered on the Capitol lawn to denounce remarks made by host Brian James during a March 8 broadcast on KFYI-AM (550). The group's president, Dick White, played a recording in which James appeared to advocate violence toward immigrants. 'What we'll do is randomly pick one night - every week - where we will kill whoever crosses the border,' James said. 'Step over there and you die. You get to decide whether it's your lucky night or not. I think that would be more fun.' White said the remarks were irresponsible and could incite violence against immigrants... He said his group was considering filing a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission. James, a fill-in host who is on the air Tuesday evenings, said his remarks were taken out of context and that he did not support violence."