Archbishop Urges Continuance of Interreligious Dialogue in Catholic Education

November 27, 2004

Source: Zenit

On November 27, 2004 Zenit reported, "Archbishop Michael Miller, secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education, delivered an address last month on the Second Vatican Council declaration 'Nostra Aetate' at the Lay Center at Foyer Unitas. Below is an excerpt...'I would submit to you that the world of Catholic education has taken more than the first steps in 'receiving' the call for interreligious dialogue and cooperation so passionately set for by the Council Fathers in 'Nostra Aetate.' Certainly more needs to be done so that Catholic institutions of education at all levels can meet the challenge given to them by Pope John Paul II in 'Novo Millennio Ineunte' when he spoke about 'the great challenge of interreligious dialogue to which we shall still be committed in the new millennium, in fidelity to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council': In the years of preparation for the Great Jubilee the Church has sought to build, not least through a series of highly symbolic meetings, a relationship of openness and dialogue with the followers of other religions. This dialogue must continue.'"