Arab-Americans Concerned about Security

April 10, 2003

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

On April 10, 2003 The Christian Science Monitor reported that "when Larme Price confessed to the [three murders] more than a week ago, he said his aim was to kill Middle Easterners, in retribution for Sept. 11... In fact, only one of the four victims was from the Middle East. But it's the intent, say concerned residents, that counts... Across the country, the past few weeks have been an uneasy time for Arab-Americans. The murders are just one part of a disturbing uptick in violent hate crimes that have worried Arab-American groups - from the Afghan man set on fire in his Indianapolis restaurant to the Pakistani who was beaten unconscious in a New Jersey parking lot, as his two attackers hurled insults to Islam... While most Arab-Americans laud government officials for speaking out against hate crimes and blanket accusations against Islam, they say another, subtler message is sent by policies such as forced registration, deportation, and FBI interviews of Arab-Americans."