Arab-Americans and Muslims' More Stressed

May 19, 2003

Source: Religion Writers

On May 19, 2003 Religion Writers reported that "the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were stressful for all Americans, regardless of national origin or religious background. But while most Americans say their general stress level has declined, doctors across the country say that is not the case among Arab-Americans and Muslims, which various studies number between 2 million and 7 million people. The doctors say their Muslim and Arab-American patients have complained of more stress-related conditions, including depression, intestinal disorders and heart ailments... Like all Americans, these patients worry about terrorist attacks and wars. But they also face other pressures that have been bearing down on their communities since 9/11 - increased immigration requirements, heightened scrutiny by law enforcement and neighbors, and backlash from people who blame their faith or country of origin for the terrorist attacks."