Arab American Files Discrimination Lawsuit against ABC Expediting in Chicago

July 2, 2003

Source: Chicago Sun Times

On July 2, 2003 the Chicago Sun Times reported that "from the first week he worked as a driver and messenger at Chicago's ABC Expediting, Usama Ghanayem says, he was harassed and demeaned for being an Arab American... A supervisor checked under his truck to see if there was a bomb, regularly asked him if he'd bombed anything lately, and derided him with epithets such as 'rag head,' 'camel jockey' and 'Arab mother-----' according to a federal discrimination lawsuit filed by Ghanayem's lawyer on Monday... The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages, claims Ghanayem was singled out because of his ethnicity, treated unfairly and harassed all the time he worked for ABC."