Appeals Court Rules Woman Can Wear Headscarf in ID Photo

January 15, 2004

Source: Expatica

On January 15, 2004 Expatica reported, "In a ruling set to create a country-wide precedent, a Muslim woman who went to court after being ordered to remove her veil for an identity photograph has won her case, Belgium's 'La Libre Belgique' newspaper reported today. The appeal court in the city of Liège found in the woman’s favour, saying Belgian law did not require people in identity photographs to have their heads uncovered and their ears visible. 'The point of a photograph on an identity card is to identify, as its name suggests, the holder. That means that the picture should be as close a likeness as possible to the normal appearance of the cardholder, and in this case that means a young woman who always wears an Islamic veil,' the court ruled."