Anthropology Professor Starts Research Project on Sikh Philanthropy

September 13, 2005

Source: / Tribune News Services

On September 13, 2005 Tribune News Services reported, "Sikhs settled in the US have been extending material and other help to Katrina-hit residents of New Orleans... It is not the first time that Sikhs are doing so. During tsunami and earlier during the earthquake in Gujarat, Sikhs had organized community kitchens for weeks to provide food to the displaced. And now Sikhs, who have become prosperous abroad, have started development projects in their native villages in Punjab. They have sent huge sums for hospitals, schools, and colleges in their villages. Is this part of the religious order of the Sikhs? To find out the answer to this question, Mr A Verne Dusenbery, Professor of Anthropology, Hamline University, USA, in collaboration with Mr Darshan Singh Tatla, Honorary Research Associate, University of Birmingham, UK, has started a research project... Asked why he had picked this particular aspect of philanthropy, Prof Dusenbery says he has been fascinated by the Sikh way of life for long. 'I have been a keen student of Sikhism,' he adds. Though the concept of philanthropy is found elsewhere too, is more marked among the Sikhs.'"