Ann Arbor Buddhist Yard Sale Offers a Bit of Nirvana for Bargain Hunters

August 29, 2008

Author: Jo Mathis

Source: The Ann Arbor News,7046,0,0,1,0

In the market for a three-pronged, battery-operated marshmallow toaster? How about a set of nail clippers glued to a tiny soccer ball?

If your tastes run a bit more pedestrian, there's also a plethora of the practical at the Ann Arbor's Zen Buddhist Temple's 20th annual Great Green Yard Sale Saturday through Monday.

The Labor Day weekend sale is a much anticipated tradition for college students with apartments to furnish, said Lenny Bass, who coordinates it.

People who worship at the temple are encouraged to let go of some of their material objects, said Bass. So the sale is a perfect place to donate them.

"Then we pocket the money," he said with a smile. Last year, the temple made about $13,500 at the garage sale, which pays for needed building repairs.

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