Anglican Church Promotes Dialogue and Peace in Reconstruction Process

February 23, 2004

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

On February 23, 2004 The Christian Science Monitor ran an article on the efforts of the Anglican Church to mediate the peace process in Iraq: "The Rev. Canon Andrew White nods thoughtfully as he reads a statement by one of the sheikhs criticizing the 'embarrassing failure' of the US-led Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and accusing the US-appointed Governing Council of being unrepresentative. The statement also condemns violence, urging instead 'constructive resistance' against the occupation, such as peaceful protests and civil disobedience...The one of White's efforts to unite Iraq's different faiths and settle intrasectarian differences in hopes of averting a potential civil war here. The clerics, whom the Monitor was asked not to name, are from two Sunni organizations who cannot agree on how to deal with the Coalition Provisional Authority. White is the director of the International Center for Reconciliation at England's Coventry Cathedral and the Mideast envoy to the Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Anglican Church. He has helped mediate numerous intractable and violent situations, including in Iraq, which he has visited regularly over the past six years. Now the veteran peacemaker faces arguably his greatest challenge - bringing Iraq's religious and tribal groups together in an attempt to quell the violence racking the country."